Speaker BOS-500


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Speaker BOS-500

Bluetooth loudspeaker with microphone, perfect for a family party or karaoke! Device mobility is provided by build-in wheels and opened holder, allowing for free movement of the loudspeaker.

- The device works in Bluetooth mode - just pair it with a smartphone, tablet or computer and play music wirelssly!
- The speaker with a microphone in the kit are perfect to organize karaoke! Possiblity to adjust the volume, bass and echo of a microphone.
- Built-in FM radio allows you to listen to your favourite radio stations.
- The speaker has a built-in memory card slot, USB port, 3,5mm AUX and a USB output for charging devices.
- The built-in display allows you to check, e.g. radio station setting or the number currently played music track.
- Sound signals informing about wireless connection to another device.
- Mounted wheels and folding handle enable comfortable transporting of the device.
- Comfort of use - buttons on the speaker allow you to easily control music play-back.

Battery:5200 mAh
Battery charge time:up to 10 h
Bluetooth:V 2.1
Dimensions:306 mm (diameter) x 428 mm (height)
Frequency range:100 - 20 000 Hz
Input:AUX, USB, microSD, Mic-In, 2 x mini-jack (3,5 mm)
Input voltage:DC 5 V
Music playing time:up to 6 h
Operating modes:Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, AUX, microSD music player, USB music player
Operating range:10 m
Power:1 x 24 W (subwoofer) + 2 x 3 W (satelites)
Speakers:2.1 (2 x 4,0" + 1 x 8,0")